Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Penguins on the coast

So McMurdo station is the U.S. base located on the coast of Antarctica. It is located at the same place where one of the first explorers set off to the Pole. In most of the pictures that I am posting, we are standing right near Robert F. Scott's hut which he used as a base before travelling to the Pole. The picture above is from Scott's hut and is of the town or base called McMurdo station.

After arriving at the McMurdo, we were pretty tired, so we basically just ate and went to sleep. It is fairly unusual to have a full day off there, but we did because there are no planes to the South Pole on Sundays. So we got to go hiking and penguin watching on our day off.

Even though the base is located on the coast it is unusual for people to get to see as many penguins as we did. It is such a great experience seeing such a cool animal in their natural environment. The were just coming back from a swim and they decided to hang out by one of the stations best lookout spots.

Me and a few friends basically just sat down and watched them for the better part of an hour. The are so funny to watch, especially when they try to run fast or when they scoot on their bellies.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.


C. Rager said...

Hey Zak! Looks amazing! Can't wait for more action-packed posts from the pole! Amanda says 'hi' too. Take care.

chrisbott said...

Looking and sounding like a beautiful time. I miss you more now even though we were still athousand miles apart before.
All's good on the southwest coast of North America. 2007 is a good year so far, workin on an art show for this thursday - installations and bird sculptures and shit. (I want to see that Penguin movie...)Just gotta keep the momentum and soon I'll take Antarctica as well. Nothin but love for you all this year my brother.
Stay warm!!!...he...
love always, bott

Anonymous said...

SouthPoleZak, huh? Mind if I put a link to your blog on mine?


chinaski said...

Dude! Adam just told me about your blog, cool! Happy New Year! (I just got back from bcn...)